Magic Sofa Cover

The Magic Sofa Cover is a new product that allows for customizable sofa cover combinations, providing a unique look to your sofa. It enables DIY assembly, allowing you to mix and match sofa covers to create various styles and designs.

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Showing 1–18 of 24 results

What are Magic Sofa Covers?

Magic Sofa Covers are a new type of sofa cover that is versatile and suitable for various shapes and sizes of sofas. Whether your living room centerpiece is an L-shaped sectional or a U-shaped configuration for extra seating, Magic Sofa Covers provide a perfect fit.

Why You Need Magic Sofa Covers?

  1. Available in multiple colors and patterns to match any style or season, allowing for easy mix and match to give your sofa a fresh look.
  2. More affordable and practical compared to regular sofa covers.
  3. Easy to clean, whether hand-washed or machine-washed, without worrying about water temperature or detergent quality.
  4. Convenient for pet protection, as only a part of the cover needs to be replaced if damaged by pets.
  5. Made from a variety of materials including cotton, linen, velvet, polyester, and more.
  6. Environmentally friendly production, free from harmful substances, promoting green living.

Why Choose Minihouzz’s Magic Sofa Covers?

While there are various brands of Magic Sofa Covers available, such as Nolan Interior and Amazon’s offerings, Minihouzz distinguishes itself by:

  1. We offer a wider range of products, upgraded craftsmanship, and improved quality.
  2. Fast shipping, excellent service, and reliable after-sales support.
  3. Our Magic Sofa Covers come in multiple sizes, suitable for any sofa dimension.

Available Sizes for Magic Sofa Covers

    • Chaise Cover Size:
      • Width: 35.43-43.3inch/90-110cm
      • Length: 61.02-72.83inch/155-185cm
      • Height: 1.96-7.87inch/5-20cm
    • Back Cover Size
      • length 23.62-31.5inch/60-80cm
      • height 11.81-21.65inch/30-55cm
      • thickness 3.93-9.84inch/10-25cm
    • Large Single Seat Cover Size
      • width 21.65-35inch/55-89cm
      • length 21.65-35inch/55-89cm
      • height 1.96-7.87inch/5-20cm
    • Large Double Seat Cover Size
      • width 21.65-35inch/55-89cm
      • length 39.37-49.21inch/100-125cm
      • height 1.96-7.87inch/5-20cm
    • Large Triple Seat Cover Size
      • width 21.65-35inch/55-89cm
      • length 49.21-61inch/125-155cm
      • height 1.96-7.87inch/5-20cm

How to Install Magic Sofa Covers?

Visit our official YouTube channel for installation guides: Minihouzz YouTube

Compatible Sofa Types for Magic Sofa Covers

    • Two Seater Sofa
    • Three Seater Sofa
    • L-shaped Sofa
    • U-shaped Sofa
    • Modular Sofa